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SAL Science & Stories No. 1/ August 2019

Dear all,

With this newsletter, we would like to inform you about all the important milestones, success stories and research activities of SAL in the last month. CTR & SAL were successfully merged and all SAL employees celebrated this achievement at our summerparty. Furthermore, we signed cooperation contracts for the first University SAL Lab in Villach and a pioneering research project in Linz. 

You are all part of the SAL network, so we want to use to platform to keep you up to date on the development of SAL. But with this newsletter we also want to show you why SAL is a great place to research and thus share success stories regarding our researchers, locations, projects etc. As for structure, we will begin each SAL Science & Stories with a short introduction followed by a statement. In the two blocks "science" and "stories", we will share the most important scientific and personal milestones of each month. At the end, we will inform you about upcoming events, conferences etc. 

We hope you enjoy the first and all future issues of SAL Science & Stories. Let's unfold the future together!   

Statement from the Executive Director
"The SAL-CTR merger is completed, and we are all „ONE SAL TEAM” since July 11th. It was a great deal of full engagement and long hours for the preparations, and now in the post-merger we are still dedicated to establish smooth processes for the day-2-day work. Kudos to the whole team for this extraordinary achievement! 

Best Regards,
Werner Luschnig"

FH Kärnten & SAL Research Lab

On July 10, SAL signed a cooperation contract with FH Kärnten to create the first university SAL lab specialised on RFFE (Radio Frequency Front-Ends). There, researchers from SAL and the university can work together on new high frequency technologies and develop new applications for the wireless communication of the future. 


Radar Tomography SAL starts cooperation project with Infineon and voestalpine

On July 16, SAL signed yet another cooperation contract. This time SAL works with Infineon and voestalpine on the project "Radar Tomograpy" to push the development of radar sensors in the industry. With such strong cooperation partners, SAL can further strengthen and expand the competences and work on new applications that have an impact on an international level. 


Project call for cooperative research: Edge Computing & Machine Learning for Real-Time Factory Floor Applications

Project objectives: Enable industry partners to utilize academic machine learning advances in real world settings and apply data driven approaches to master specific challenges on factory floors like Quality Control, Predictive Maintenance, etc. 

Partner call open until: November 2019

Start of the project: Q4 2019

Contact: contact@silicon-austria.com

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We are One Team!
press conference

With the entry in the company register on July 11, Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) and Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) have legally merged into one research center! The signing of the merger agreement took place on June 25 and was presented to the press during a successful press conference and expert talk. The resounding feedback from journalists, other media and guests alike shows the importance of SAL for the region and the Austrian EBS ecosystem. There was also a news report about the merger and the future of SAL, which you can watch here (duration: 2 min).


We celebrated the successful merger at our summer party at Lake Ossiach. Great food and productive conversations in a relaxed atmosphere - of course with some dancing! The summer party was a great way to bring SAL people from Graz, Villach and Linz together. Everyone was asked to bring an item that represented his/her work, which was a fun way to get the party started.

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