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SAL Science & Stories No. 4 / November 2019
  1. Start of joint research project with EVG & Infineon
  2. Project call for cooperative research: EOS - SAL beyond 100GHZ
  3. Power Electronics Division: First paper at THERMINIC 2019 conference
  4. Dr. Ali Roshangias wins Best Paper Award
  5. SAL present at ACP business brunch
  6. Upcoming Events

SAL’s charter to establish research excellence requires top scientists. We have an excellent base with the inherited key researchers from CTR, but also in the new areas we have successfully recruited renowned scientists who are well known in the international communities and who have promising track records. With the alliances we are starting with universities, we will develop unique competencies. So, we are confident to start with very ambitious research projects from the beginning!”
Start of joint research project with EVG & Infineon
This research project is the first of more to come, in which SAL collaborates in the value chain with cleanroom equipment manufacturers and the industry that is using the equipment. 

In this project, SAL is playing a key role in modeling and optimization of the anodic bonding process. EVG is contributing their equipment and technology expertise and Infineon brings in the applied process technology.  Scientific partners are the TU Berlin and FhG. 

We expect to achieve a more advanced simulation tool for wafer level MEMS integration and get much better insights to the influence of the anodic bonding process on the quality parameters of the final product. 

Project call
for cooperative research: EOS - SAL beyond 100GHZ

Project objectives: The goal of this project is to inves­ti­gate the cutting-edge tech­nology nodes and their perfor­mance for appli­ca­tions oper­ating beyond 100GHz and 100Gbps

Partner call open until: November 2019

Start of the project: Q4 2019

Contact: contact@silicon-austria.com

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Power Electronics Division: First paper at THERMINIC 2019 conference
In cooperation with Graz University of Technology, SAL's Power Electronics Division published its first conference paper on Closing the Loop Between Circuit and Thermal Simulation: A System Level Co-Simulation for Loss Related Electro-Thermal Interactions. 

Temperature has a big influence for components used in power electronic circuits. As power converters become more compact, temperature effects become more dominant. To evaluate such effects before manufacturing a PCB, an accurate simulation can save time and money.

The Power Electronics Division has now designed their own simulation methodology for capturing such thermal effects and the results were presented in their first paper. It was first presented during this year's International Workshop on Thermal Investigation of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC 2019).

Thomas Langbauer, Christian Mentin, Michael Rindler, Franz Vollmaier, Alexander Connaughton (SAL)
Klaus Krischan (Electric Drives and Machines Institute, Graz University of Technology)

Dr. Ali Roshangias wins Best Paper Award
Dr. Ali Roshangias, Senior Scientist for Heterogeneous Integration Technologies (HIT), won the Best Paper Award of the 13th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology (IEEE IMPACT) conference for his paper “UV-Assisted Adhesive bonding methodologies for M(O)EMS packaging”.

By drawing benefits from both UV-assisted hybrid adhesives and jet printing, Dr. Roshanghias and his team presented their findings that stress-free M(O)EMS die-attachments can be achievable at low temperatures. This work was part of the COMET program in collaboration with Fraunhofer IPMS and was supported by the COMET K1 center ASSIC (Austrian Smart Systems Integration Research Center).

SAL present at ACP business brunch
A well-designed intranet is a valuable addition for internal communication in cross-site work. This is what attendees could learn at the ACP Business Brunch Social Intranet from best practice examples. Mag. Julia Kaufmann, Communications & PR Manager at SAL, was invited to give a talk about the importance of a social intranet for the start-up and merger communication. 

Upcoming Events
On November 14th, Dr. Christina Hirschl, Head of Division Sensor Systems, is going to give a talk at the Smart Living Forum during the Innovationskongress in Villach. In her keynote, she is going to talk about how smart technologies already influence our daily life, what we can expect for the future and how such technologies can make our life easier. 

Further information: www.innovationskongress.at

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