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SAL Science & Stories No. 9 / April 2020
  1. PREMI - Let's revolutionize electromagnetic compatibility testing together!
  2. BCI Modeling & Test to virtu­ally execute compli­ance tests of compo­nents
  3. EMCC Lab kicks off work with online meeting
  4. Project call for cooperative research: Fusion and analysis of medical sensor data
  5. SAL Doctoral College starts in May
  6. SAL moved into a new headquarter
  7. How Silicon is Austria?
  8. Research and Innovation in Times of Corona
  9. You want to start your sucess story at SAL?
A message from Gerald Murauer, Executive Director of SAL

Silicon Austria Labs has had a very dynamic April. As all other organizations in Austria we are affected by the Corona crisis. We work remotely as well as we can, had an important lab kick-off and detailed R&D workshops with industry online.The APA Science dossier about SAL gives a good overview of our goals and status. We also moved into our new office in Graz, where we now have the space to grow our headquarter to its planned dimension. Another very important milestone is the start of the SAL doctoral college. It’s a cornerstone of SAL's future success to educate and work with talented PhD students. We are looking forward to starting the doctoral college in fall this year.

PREMI - Let's revolutionize electromagnetic compatibility testing together!
Electromagnetic compatibility testing is often neglected in the development cycles of Electronic Based Systems of the future and is subsequently carried out at high costs after the prototype has been manufactured. The SAL project PREMI - Pre-estimation of radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) of Electronic Based Systems - can be a solution to this challenge. We will revolutionize existing methods in modeling, simulation and measurement. This gives our partners the tools to accelerate the development of new technologies and face future challenges.

You want to work with us? Partners are welcome!

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BCI Modeling & Test to virtu­ally execute compli­ance tests of compo­nents
Elec­tronic systems and sub-compo­nents need to with­stand a measure of elec­tro­mag­netic inter­fer­ence during their daily oper­a­tion. To ensure proper func­tion­ality and safety, elec­tronic prod­ucts are tested on elec­tro­mag­netic compat­i­bility before being released on the market. Amongst others, the bulk current injec­tion (BCI) test is a compo­nent test on elec­tro­mag­netic immu­nity stan­dard­ized by ISO 11452-4. It is a manda­tory test for auto­mo­tive appli­ca­tions.

Scope of this coop­er­a­tive project between Silicon Austria Labs GmbH and ams AG was the devel­op­ment of a simu­la­tion test­bench to virtu­ally execute compli­ance tests of compo­nents before they are actu­ally fabri­cated.

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EMCC Lab kicks off work with online meeting
In times of Corona, even kick-off meetings take place online. On April 1st, members of SAL and TU Graz had a virtual call to officially start working in the EMCC (Electromagnetic Compatiblity & Coexistense & Radio Interoperability) Lab. There, TU Graz and SAL are jointly researching the electromagnetic compatibility of Electronic Based Systems. These systems often include a variety of integrated circuits with millions of transistors, highly complex circuit boards and an abundance of passive components. The undisturbed interaction of all these components decisively determines the performance and reliability of the entire system.

The joint research should enable predictions about electromagnetic interference emissions and immunity to ensure the coexistence and compatibility of future electronic systems. The lab is led by Bernd Deutschmann (Head of the Institute of Electronics at TU Graz) and Bernhard Auinger (Research Unit Head for EMCC & Staff Scientist at SAL).

We are looking forward to a good cooperation and exciting results! 

Project call for cooperative research: Fusion and analysis of medical sensor data

Project objectives: This project aims to develop a hand-held device that helps medical deci­sion makers to enhance patient safety by communicating with a central data unit to find the most promising therapy for patients. 

Partner call open until: May 2020

Start of the project: Q3 2020

Contact: contact@silicon-austria.com

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SAL Doctoral College starts in May
In order to become a top European research center, SAL requires well-trained experts from multiple disci­plines of science, engi­nee­ring and tech­no­logy. So, together with TU Graz, JKU Linz and AAU Klagenfurt, SAL is starting the SAL Doctoral College. Up to 50 doctoral students will be researching the most diverse aspects of future EBS technologies – either within the framework of the Uni-SAL Research Labs or in cooperative research projects with industry. 

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SAL moved into a new headquarter
In March, we moved our Headquarter in Graz to the new EBS Center next door. We are still settling in and furnishing our labs and offices. The EBS Center was built by TU Graz as an innovation cluster in the area of ​​Electronic Based Systems. The research house bundles different forms of research in the areas of electronics, microelectronics, sensors and computer science and thus promotes research cooperation between science and economy. On the three floors that SAL is occupying, we have various labs, for instance for Power Electronics or System Integration, as well as offices for both our researchers and our enterprise team. 

How Silicon is Austria?
In its current dossier, APA Science took a closer look at Silicon Austria Labs, our projects, vision and mission.

Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) has a lot of ambition: it set out to become Austria's third largest research center by 2023 and up to 400 employees should provide excellent top research in the field of Electronic Based Systems. APA-Science took a closer look at where the mammoth project is standing right now and what still needs to be done.

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Research and Innovation in Times of Corona
These are chal­lenging times. Over the past few weeks, we had to get used to measures that heavily restrict our everyday life, our jobs and our free time. Corona has shown us the unpleasant aspects of our connected and glob­al­ized world – but it also showed us how impor­tant re­search and inno­va­tion is in times like these. While fully supporting the govern­ment's regu­la­tions and restric­tions, SAL keeps on working on new and inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies to tackle several chal­lenges of the 21st century.

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You want to start your sucess story at SAL?
SAL is not just a place to work, it is a place where you can constantly develop your­self further. SAL is a great chance to shape the future with ground­breaking find­ings. Re­search at SAL means combining the best of three world: re­search with scien­tific excel­lence and pioneering projects with leading indus­trial compa­nies at a place with a high quality of life and re­search.

You want to get to know us better? Now is your chance!
We are participating in the online edition of the Lange Nacht der Bewerbung (long night of application) on May 19th and are looking forward to meeting you. Find out how you can apply here

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